Over 70,000 people have seen this contemporary, dramatic and compelling production of the tumultuous life of the biblical character, Job. If you are part of this great number, spread the word, come see THE HEDGE like you’ve not seen it before and bring someone with you. Thanks for your support! CALL NOW 718-291-5147

Director: Beverly Morrison Caesar
Past Show Dates: Oct/Nov ‘08, Jan & July ‘09, Oct/Nov ‘09, Jan & Dec ‘10, Feb ‘11, Sept ’11, October 2012, December 2012.

PAST VENUES: York College Performing Arts Center: Jamaica, NY; The Klein Memorial Auditorium: Fairfield, CT; Whitman Hall @ Brooklyn Center: Brooklyn, NY

The Hedge is a contemporary adaptation of the tumultuous life of Job. A man whose devastating experiences shook the very foundations of his spiritual, emotional, and physical existence. A man whose unfortunate experiences plunged him into a state of despair.  A man who lost all his earthly possessions through a series of horrific circumstances –   who was placed on a harsh bed of cruel sickness with death a welcoming desire.  Come see this dramatization where angels and demons battle for a man’s life.  What would you do? How would you fare – if God removed the hedge from your life?

Oct 28 8:00 pm

The Hedge

Oct 29 2:00 pm

The Hedge

Oct 29 7:00 pm

The Hedge

Oct 30 6:00 pm

The Hedge

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