Looking for Love,  is not only entertaining and comedic, but spiritually arousing as well.

We have endeavored, through this production, to bring into the twenty first century the narrative of the woman at the well.  It is our aim to touch the lives of every individual in some significant way through this rendition.  Jesus, as He walked on this earth left us some golden treasures from which we can glean direction, guidance and purpose.  As our perfect example of who a Christian is, of who a Christian should be, and of whom a Christian can become, we must use the Word of God as our script.

Our Lord touched  many people in so various unique ways.  His impression on their lives was not only stirring but life changing.  The woman at the well could be anyone of us.  The important thing to note is what became of her after that memorable encounter with the Lord.  Not only did she change her lifestyle, but she impacted the lives of those she encountered. Whose life have you impacted? Whose life have you altered? This soul searching production will cause you to laugh, think, ponder and leave here not only with your questions answered, but challenged to be more and more like Christ.

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