Arts in Christian Theatre desires to become a cornerstone of the cultural revitalization of the New York City metropolitan area, with a demonstrated commitment in developing a vibrant and growing performing arts program that celebrates the region’s diversity. Arts in Christian Theatre is an organization that will develop and provide affordable programs of the highest quality, for the benefit of the community at large. ACT enables residents and visitors alike to fully experience and appreciate the power of the performing arts to educate, awaken, enlighten, challenge and entertain. Through the development of artistic presentations, ACT strives to spread a message of hope, success, and restoration, by presenting real-life situations through drama, music, dancing, singing poetry and other various expressions of the arts. ACT is a medium through which dividing walls are confronted and the universality of the human experience is expressed to individuals from all walks of life – bridging the gaps between generational, cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. Arts in Christian Theatre will be a leader in fostering access to the arts, encouraging the growth of audiences, facilitating arts education opportunities, and promoting broad community participation.